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Native Looked Compressed File Icons

2014 - 2015

Download source on GitHub

Update for OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite features a more flatter icon design and a much more modern look. New icons change the font from Lucida Sans to Helvetica Neue. Here are some different for compressed-file icons:


What is it?

A system-style compressed-file icon set for third-part archive applications like The Unarchiver and Keka.



and Pleasant:


How to use it?

For The Unarchiver users:

Replace files in The with files in Folder for The Unarchiver.

Restart your computer and enjoy! : )

For other apps:

Find icon files in you app Resources folder(usually in *.app/Contents/Resources/), rename and replace them with files in icns and icns_native.

If you wish to change the application icon as well, use icns_native/bah.icns.

Restart your computer and enjoy! : )

Currently available icons


  • 7Z
  • Blank icon
  • RAR


  • AS
  • BIN
  • BZ
  • BZ2
  • BZIP2
  • CPGZ
  • CPIO
  • GZ
  • HQX
  • PAX
  • TAR
  • TBZ
  • TBZ2
  • TGZ
  • TXZ
  • UU
  • XIP
  • Z
  • ZIP

How to generate new icons?

You can edit and generate them with Xcode by creating and building new app.


Icon Generating