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College Course-Selection System

2013 - 2015

This personal web project has helped hundreds of college students (my classmates) register for classes during 2013 and 2014. This system improves the experience of registering classes by providing a clearer logic and look to students and teachers.


Our college program is very small with only 60 people. As we start our junior year of college, our school is offering a variety of program elective classes to us. However, each class needs a minimum number of 15 students to register so that the school can open the class. Since these elective classes are essential for us to graduate, we usually discuss and choose the class together as a program, but this suppresses the will of the minority.

Another problem is our program plan is very complex and elective classes are divided into too many categories. As a result, student, sometimes even teacher, needs to spend a lot of time to figure out which class is needed in this semester, and what to take in the future.

The third problem is the original college class registration system. This system is very old and only works with Internet Explorer 6 (in the year 2013), and the user interface is awful.

So, what can I do?


A simple system that guides students to choose classes based on the current enrollment number and provides program plan feedback based on the chosen classes; therefore, saving time for both students and teachers.

This system is built with responsive design (since all of my classmates have a smartphone in the year 2013), used Bootstrap CSS as front-end framework, PHP, and MySQL as back-end implementation. This project also won the third prize of national college computer design competition in 2014.


College Course-Selection System - Login Page - Desktop College Course-Selection System - Login Page - Mobile
Login Page

College Course-Selection System - Classes Page - Desktop College Course-Selection System Page - Classes - Mobile
Classes Regestering Page, the Main Feature.

User Classes Sharing Page - Desktop User Classes Sharing Page - Mobile
User Classes Sharing Page

Password Changing Page - Desktop Password Changing Page - Mobile
Password Changing Page

Admin Dashboard - Desktop Admin Dashboard - Mobile
Admin Dashboard: Summary of Users, Classes, and System Information.

College Course-Selection System - Classes Admin - Desktop College Course-Selection System - Classes Admin - Mobile
Classes Management.