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Too many students are dropping out of college X (stakeholder). The drop out rate at College X is 62%. The drop out at College Y rate is 45%. The VP of Enrollment wants to compare competitive data on a mobile device (a dashboard) on the go anytime.

Sample Data Set:

College X
  • Avg GPA: 2.97
  • Avg Freshman Age: 20.2
  • Avg Age in dorm: 21.2
  • Avg income: 75K (1 parent), 105K (2 parent)
  • Cost of University: 28K per year
College Y
  • Avg GPA: 3.07
  • Avg Freshman Age: 19.2
  • Avg Age in dorm: 20.2
  • Avg income: 65K (1 parent), 90K (2 parent)
  • Cost of University: 15.9K per year



Define User Goals (from the problem):

  • View highlight data from a mobile device
  • Compare data set between two university (or more than two schools)
  • Solve the high drop-out rate for College X (higher level goal)


  • A mobile application

Two Designs:

  1. The plan 1 highlights data in large numbers in the landing page, and each parameter has its own in-depth data comparison view.
  2. The plan 2 has a customizable view with graphs to compare data. The user can add or remove entries and adjust the order.

Low-Fidelity Prototype Plan 1 Low-Fidelity Prototype Plan 1

Low-Fidelity Prototype Plan 2 Low-Fidelity Prototype Plan 2

Final Iteration with Medium-Fidelity Interactive Prototype

Both plans were evaluated with three people and received important feedback to improve the prototype.

  • Testers liked the plan 1 dashboard, and they thought it can convey the data clearly.
  • Testers did not like the lack of customization in plan 1 and thought plan 2 gave good flexibility to the user.
  • Two people think graph comparison is needed and may solve VP’s problem.

User Flow User Flow

Medium-Fidelity Interactive Prototype

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