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Washington Wizards Ticket Experience


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Build a visual user experience to get users sign-up and attend the Washington Wizards game night on Oct 30, 2016.

Solution (Interactive)


1. Research and Discover

  • How many people come to Wizards games?
    Verizon Center is able to host 20,308 people for an NBA game; therefore, it needs a faster ticket checking process.

  • Is the game during the week or the weekend?
    Sunday, which means the game might have a higher audience number and children tend to visit games during weekends.

  • Who goes to Wizards games?
    NBA demographic shows 62% of the audience is under 40 years old, and 70% of the audience has more than 40k household income per year.

  • What is the current solution?
    The ticket is sold by Ticketmaster via its website.

  • How does Washington Wizards perform?
    Wizards ranked 10th in Eastern Conference in the 2015-2016 season, and it did not make the playoffs.

  • …?

2. Define


  • Business Goals
    1. sell more profitable tickets and
    2. promote the NBA experience
  • User Goals
    1. experience the game at a reasonable price and
    2. find and purchase tickets on mobile


  • Designed for iPhone
    1. 375 point wide
    2. iOS design language
  • Washington Wizards Color Theme

Team Color

User Flow

Uesr Flow

3. Prototype and Evaluation

Low-Fidelity Prototype Low-Fidelity Prototype

Medium-Fidelity Prototype Visual Medium-Fidelity Prototype Visual

Medium-Fidelity Prototype Interactive


Paper Print Design